Denver Internal Airpot or: to the Vibrations of the Outer Cosmic Worlds

by Denver International Airport

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released September 23, 2012

Dead fish and photos of chimpanzees.



all rights reserved


Denver International Airport Baltimore, Maryland

Mysterious movies having 40-160 capsules joined the Single-Stage-To-Orbit scattering in the mucosa. There was congestion. There was congestion in the New York Times reviewers. Allied Broadcast Center decided to station, the duodenum. Earth Orbit "Aspen" vehicle, using nuclear rockets. Originally "drop-in" replacements were easily discernible, whitening of superficial layers of normal in every way. ... more

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Track Name: Totalitarian Reproved Rennin - thee equations of Sight-Similarity
Space as the reduced phase
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Track Name: Planetaria Torrid Intern Oven - The Abruptness of a Fiery Dawn
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Track Name: Antenatal Ride Overprint Iron - Then Another Tomorrow...
Track Name: Totalitarian Reproved Rennin - thee equations of Sound-Similarity
ds2 = (cdt)2 - dl2
ds2/c2 = dt2[1 - (dl/dt)2/c2]
ds/c = dt[1 - (v/c)2]1/2
Gmn = -(8pG/c2)Tmn
ds2 = c2(1-2MG/c2r)dt2 - dr2/(1-2MG/c2r) - r2(dq2+sin2qdf2)
dt1/dt2 = (1-2MG/c2r1)1/2/(1-2MG/c2r2)1/2
dt1/dt2 = (1-MG/c2R)(1+MG/c2(R+h)) = 1 - (MG/c2)[1/R - 1/(R+h)]
1-dt1/dt2 = (MG/c2)(h/R2)
(n2-n1)/n2 = (MG/c2)(h/R2)